Gwalior Gharana :

    The oldest of the khayal gharanas and one to which most others can and do trace the origins of their style is the Gwalior Gharana. The rise of the Gwalior Gharana Started With Emperor Akbar (1542 – 1605). The favorite singers of the patron of the arts such as Miyan Tansen, first amongst the vocalist at the court came from the town of Gwalior.


Apart from the emphasis on notes (swara)

    Another distinguishing feature of the gharana is its simplicity because through simplicity alone can the singer and listener arrive at the full beauty and impact of raga. One means to this is of course the selection of well – known raga and the listener is seved the effort of trying to identify the raga. Attention can be focused on the raga and the presentation of it.

While the khayal singer does include raga visitor (melody expansion) and raga alankara (melodic ornamentation to enhance the beauty and meaning of raga). There is no attempt to include the obscure the identity of the raga in the interest of adding interest or mystery to the listener’s experience.

The sapat taan is important to the Gwalior style and refers to the singing of notes in a straight sequence and Both dhrupad and Khayal singing evolved in Gwalior and there is a one from mundi dhrupad that incorporates all the features of Gwalior gharana usually prefers to begin ragas in the medium tempo (Vilamdit Laya) as is the norm with other gharanas.

The chosen ragas include Alahya- Bilawal, Yaman, Bhairav, sarang, Shri, Hamir, Gaud-Malhar, Miya-Ki-Malhar.

    Abhay’s commitment to this field led him in attending several honours, even while pursuing a Master in Information Technology. He did his Master’s and Doctorate in Vocal classical music from indira kala sangeet university khairagarh On way to a serious career as a classical vocalist. Abhay has won several awards and accolades at state and national level competition and meets. Abhay also participated in musical serial Tak-Dhina-dhin produced By Smriti Films for Bhopal Doordarshan. He had an opportunity to sing before elite audience which included our Honorable Ex-Prime Minister of India Shri Chandra Shekher, and Honorable Governor of M.P. Bhai Mahaveer, at Indore. Abhay also sang with renowned vocalist of India.

Shri ajoy chakraborty, Abhay performed in a classical programmed organized by ustad allauddin khan sangeet academy, Bhopal.

Blessed with an inborn talent, an excellent voice culture and passionate commitment to the pursuance of the GWALIOR GHARANA.

Abhay is all set to preserve further. The legacy of late Pt.Vishwanath rao Ringe and Pt.Krishna rao Shankar Pandit and his very unique style blending the best of Gwalior Gharana in a highly soul satisfying manner.

Abhay’s articales and research papers are published in reputed magazines of India. He has attended many seminars and his composed few Bandish and Bhajans withpen name Ishrang.