A.   Working as Assistant Professor Indian Classical Vocal Music in Faculty of Performing arts, The M.S University of Baroda, Vadodara Gujrat India from July 2010 till to date. I am teaching under graduate students and I am evaluated highly by the students through yearly feedback for stimulating independent Aesthetical thinking for demonstration.

B.   Worked as lecturer Vocal Music (2 years) at Shree Jain Music College Indore (M.P) India from July 2007 to April 2009.

C.   Worked as lecturer Vocal Music (1 year) at Indira Kala Music & Arts University, Khairagarh, Raj Nandgaon Chhattisgarh, India from July 2006 to April 2007.

RESEARCH INTEREST :   Fusion of Indian classical Music with Western Compositions.


Articles and Research Papers :
  (Published in National Journals & Magazines of Performing Arts & Visual Arts)


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    (Singers and Composers of Gwalior School of Music) at present there is no book available on this topic, therefore, I wrote this book on singer-composers of Gwalior School of Music. I collected Material for this book from the friends and families of many of these Singer-composers of Gwalior style of music .i.e. by writing letters, telephonic interviews, getting personal interviews of the relatives, and disciples of these Artists. This book will help readers to learn detailed descriptions of Gwalior School of Music’s Singer- Composers’ work and their contribution to the growth of north- Indian music.ISBN 81-86824-11-1

    (Music Social & Scientific vision)ISBN 81-86824-09-X.

    (Music Tradition of Gwalior)ISBN 81-86824-10-3.

    (Study of Compositions of Gwalior School of Music)ISBN 81-86824-08-1.


1. First Prize in Indian Light Music in a National level competition known as “MANTHAN” in September 1998 organized by Prestige Institute of management Indore India.

2. Performed in a Musical serial “Tak-Dhina-Dhin” produced By Smriti Films for Bhopal Doordarshan, India. Summer 1995.

3. Performed in honor of former Prime Minister of India Shri Chandra Shekhar And , former Human Resources Minister Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan1995.

4. Selected by Song & Drama Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India in the panel of outside singer artist. May 2002.

5. Performed a classical composition before Honorable Governor of Madhya Pradesh Dr. Bhai Mahavir at Indore. November 1998.

6. Accompanied with renowned vocalist of India Shri Ajoy Chakraborty at Indore, India In 2003.

7. Performed at Ustad Allauddin Khan Sangeet Kala Evam Natak Academy, Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh India November 2007.

8. Performed with Ustad SULTAN KHAN SAHAB, Renowned SAARANGI Player in Mumbai India.

9. Performed for Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, USA.

10. Performed Folk Songs in Gujarati and Marathi in Mumbai at various locations.

11. Performed Bhajans and classical compositions at Lucknow Ashram organized by PAPAJI Satsang Bhavan.

12. Recorded a fusion of semi-classical Rajasthani Folk music with Western rhythm with a record company called Musical Aura.

13. Performed in Sabha Gayan Vadan at Faculty of Performing Arts Vadodara University Gujrat On 5 th Jan 2011.

14. Represented The M.S University of Baroda, Vadodara, in a Inter University Cultural Exchange Program in Goa University in March 2013.

15. Got Appreciation Letter from Former Vice Chancellor of M S University Vadodara in October 2010.

16. Hosted Number of Musical Programs like Amar Shiv Mahotsav etc for which got applauses from Eminent peoples.

17. Performed at Dutt Sansthan Mandleshwar on 7/7/2013.

18. Performed in Celebration of 100 years of Indian Cinema through Music, Dance “Suhana Safar” on 14 th August 2013.

19. Performed for Center for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT INDIA) on 16 th October 2015.

20. Performed & Gave Lecture on “Innovating for Development and Sustainability in Performing Arts” Invited by Navrachana University in a National Conference on 31 st October 2015 at Vadodara India.

21. Invited by Acharya Tanrang Music Foundation on 11 th Dec 2015 for Lecture Demonstration on “BANDISH E TANRANG” at Indore.

22. Anchored Lecture Demonstration session of International Artist Jolianne Einem & Rob Diggins(U.S.A) organised by Dept of Vocal & Instrumental Music at FPA The MSU of Baroda on7th Jan 2016.

23. Anchored 2 Day International Seminar on “Indian Performing Arts: Theorization & pedagogy” organized by Faculty of Performing Arts The M.S.University of Baroda”

24. Invited by District Education & Institute Baroda for Lecture Demonstration on Indian Culture & Music on 27 th feb 2018 .

25. Performed in Prabhasostav at Somnath on VarshPratipada organized by Sanskar Bharti , Sangeet Natak Kala Academy Gujarat & Somnath trust.

26. Performed in Inter University Cultural Exchange Program at Dr HariSingh Gaur University Sagaur M.P on 26 th March2018.

27. Performed in 13 th Annual Celebration of Ram Krishna Mission Vadodara on 19 th April 2018.

28. Invited by Tanarang foundation from 23 rd Jan 2019 to 25 th Jan 2019 for workshop on “Aspect of Bandish”


1. Invited as an Expert for holding a workshop on “Indian Classical Music Effect” at Adarash Institute of Management & Science, Dhamnod Dist Dhar M.P 19 th Feb.2015.

2. Invited as an Expert for Lecture -Demonstration on “Music” by District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) Vadodara. On 14/11/2016 .

3. Invited as an Expert for lecture – demonstration on Indian Music by District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) at Kelanpur, Dabhoi, Vadodara.16/11/2016.

4. Invited as a Resource Person at DIET for Lecture Demonstration on “Indian Musical forms”.

5. Gave Lecture Demonstration on Indian Classical Music on 7& 8 Oct 2016 at S.R Patel Engineering College, Mehsana Gujrat India.

6. Resource Person for MSVSS Summer Camp held from 2 nd to 8 th May2016. at University Pavilion The M.S University of Baroda, vadodara, Gujarat.

7. “Sayajee Swarabhishek” Performed at The M.S. University of Baroda Faculty of Performing Arts 26 th January 2017. Resource Person for MSVSS Summer Camp held from30th April 2018 to 6 th May 2018.

8. Invited for Lecture Demonstration Topic: “Presentation of Bandish” at Railway Inter Divisional Cultural Event on 17 th Feb 2017.

9. Invited for Lecture Demonstration Topic: “Presentation of Composition in Indian Light Music” at BSNL Auditorium, Bhopal, on 11 th May 2017.

10. Invited speaker for International Conference on “Scientific Impact of Music & Environment on Sustainable Development Anubhooti 7 to 9 Jan 2018 Indore.

11. Resource Person for MSVSS Summer Camp held from30th April 2018 to 6 th May 2018

12. Chair Person for UGC International Seminar on “Relevance of Performing and Visual Arts in Contemporary Society”: A Perspective.on 6 th jan 2019.

13. Gave lecturer/ demonstration on “Rachanakar & Vaggeyakaar with reference to Sangeet Ratnakar” in Dept of Vocal Music FPA , The M.S.U Baroda on 22/12/2018


– Sabha Gayan Program Organized by Dept of Indian Classical Vocal Music on 13 th , 14th March 2015, Faculty of Performing Arts, The M.S. University of Baroda.

– National workshop on Gurmat Sangeet & Raag based Composition on 28 th Nov2015 at FPA The M.S.U of Baroda.

IQAC Committee – Core Team Member of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) at Faculty Level in The M.S University of Baroda

As a Judge – Invited by Various Universities, Engineering Colleges, Multinational Companies For Youth Festivals, Musical Programs.

Production & Direction – Directed & Conceptualized & did Music Production for number of Musical Programs during Last 7 years.

“Audav Ke Rang,
Nabh Dhwani, on 16 th Dec 2011 “Swar Nritya Natya Parva”
Rang Chaturang, on 14/03/2013 “MERRIMENT 2013”
Flairs of Bihag on 14/03/2014 “KALAMARG”
“ Shri Ram Kathamrutam” on 26 th feb 2019

Directed – Musical Groups during –
– “M.S University REUNION” –
– Convocation Ceremonies, Pre Convocation functions.


Performed in-“Vibrant Gujarat Summit” in front of Shri Narendra Modi former Chief Minister Gujarat.

Member :
Member of Various Faculty & University level Committees for Different Programs. And Examination.
Aptitude test & Admission of Master of Performing Arts (M.P.A).
Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC).
Annual Report Committee.
Tabulation Committee.
Travelling Allowance Committee etc.

Seminars :

Participated in a seminar “Shastriya Sangeet Mein Chhattisgarhi Ke Prayog Kee Sambhavanayee” (Practical possibility of the use of Chhattisgarhi language in Indian Classical Music) organized by Cultural department, Govt. of Chhattisgarh at Raipur from Sept.25-27th, 2005.

Participated in a seminar on “World Music day” at Khairagarh, Organized by Indira Kala Sangeet University. October 1st, 2005.

Participated in a workshop “Effective teaching and positive attitude in Class room” organized by K. S.Management in Morena. 18 th Dec.2010.

Participated and presented paper in National level seminar on “Folk Music and its adaptation in Classical Ragas” organized by Dr. Hari Singh Gaur University, SAGAR, on 23 rd Dec.2011.

Participated in a National level seminar on “Uttar Bhartiya Shastriya Sangeet Mein Laya ,Taal kaa Mahatva” organized by Dayanand Girls P. G.College Kanpur on 21 st Jan.2012.

Participated in a National youth conference on “Youth Socio Political changes in India on 26 th , 27 th and 28 th January 2012, Organized by M S University, Baroda.

Participated and presented paper in INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR on “HEALING CAPICITY OF MUSIC” on Feb.17th and 18 th 2012. Organized by Department of Music, BHU, Varanasi.

Participated in a National level seminar “BHARAT KEE LOK SANSKRITI: PARAMPARA AVAM PRATIBIMB” Organized by Performing Arts Department (Dance) BHU Varanasi On 21 st and 22 nd Sept 2012.

Presented paper in a National level seminar on “RIYAAZ” organized by M S University Vadodara, on 15 th and 16 th Feb.2013.

Participated in National Seminar on “THE COMPOSITION IN INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC”/”EMERGING AREAS IN ART AND THEATRE” Organized by Raja Man singh Tomar Music and Arts University, Gwalior on 1 st to 3 rd March 2013.

Participated in a National level seminar on “Music and Society” Organized by M L B Govt P G Girls College Indore on 23 and 24 th Jan.2015.

Participated in the workshop on tabla organized by Dept of Tabla The M.S. University of Baroda on 27 & 28 th Jan 2015.

Participated in the National workshop on Indian classical vocal Music organized by Dept of Indian classical music vocal, The M.S.university of Baroda on 7 th to 10 th March 2015.

Participated in International Seminar on Utilities of Classical Music in Cine Music organized by Dept of Instruments Faculty of Performing Arts The M.S.University of Baroda on 23 rd &24 th March 2015.

Participated in National Workshop on Compositions & Taals of Indian Semi Classical Vocal Music on 29 th , 30th Oct2015.

Attended & Participated in International Seminar on “Indian Performing Arts Theorization & pedagogy” organized by Faculty of Performing Arts The M.S.University of Baroda.

Attended & participated in Value Education Workshop, organized by Knowledge consortium of Gujarat &Dept of Education Gujarat.

Attended & Participated in National Seminar on “Modern Education System, Multidisciplinary Perspective “on 25 th June 2016.

Presented Paper on “Vaggeyakar vartman me Anevaryata and Upyogita” at Baroda Sanskrit College on Feb 17 th 2017.

Attended 2 day National Workshop on “Research Methodology In Indian Performing Arts& Presented Paper “Vaggeyakar- Rachanakar on 29 th -30 th July 2017 at Faculty of Performing Arts Baroda.

Attended and Participated in National Workshop on Tabla at Faculty of Performing Arts on 5 th ,6 th jan 2018.

Participated in National Youth Conference “Yugaanter 2018” held on 11 to 13 jan 2018 at The M.S.U Baroda.

Participated & Presented a Research Paper “Spiritual Perspective of Music “ An Overview in UGC National Seminar on “ Indian Performing Arts: Prospects, Perspectives & Challenges “ organized by Dept of Tabla, Faculty of Performing Arts , The M.S. University of Baroda on 11 th & 12 th Feb 2018.